Thank you to the many businesses, meetings and conferences who have hosted the program.  We love your feedback!


"Your presentation stimulated us to update our policy manual with a greater focus on what our employees need to do to be better team players and to deliver on our mantra of consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences."

Don Coe, Managing Partner, Black Star Farms


“Allison gave her 'Put Your Phone Down' presentation to our entire staff and it was tremendously well received. Everything Allison covered was applicable to our office and our staff. Although a lot of it can be considered common sense, to hear it come from someone other than the business owner and having examples of real life situations, I felt it had a much more powerful impact. I’ve already seen a difference in our staff in a positive direction.”

Bryan D. Taggart, Principal/Financial Advisor, The Larkin Group



Do you wonder how much time your employees spend on Facebook during the day?

Do you have an employee that comes to work at 9am sharp, but spends 20 minutes getting coffee and chatting with everyone in the office?

How about that employee who CCs everyone in town on an email when it’s not necessary?